The Milk Station Company is the UK’s leading milk, dairy and produce vending machine dealer, offering innovative solutions for Vendors to sell products directly to the local public.

Benefits for producers

Sell directly to your consumers.
No fluctuations in price achieved per litre of milk sold.
No additional packaging costs and better for the environment

Benefits for consumers

Environmentally friendly way of buying milk, supporting your local producer.
Low food miles means it’s REALLY fresh.
Social distancing outdoors is a feature of most milk stations

Benefits for vendors

A complete business opportunity. Our machines are easy to maintain, easy to use and a great way to maximise your income. Self service machines with various contactless payment options

What we do and Who we are

Customer focused – everything we do is centred around our customers experience. From simply answering your calls to help with the big stuff.
Communication – being available and approachable whenever you need us. Keeping you involved rather than out in the cold.
Doing as we say and saying what do – accurate concise information and delivery of service, nothing hidden and no tricks just consistently doing it right.
Understanding your business – knowing the importance and respecting you and your position
Always improving – never settling for what is OK and instead striving for what is great.

Milkstation Vision

We want to do things the right way, our way. The way we expect things to be done. We arent just chasing profits. We want to be the best we can be and work with people who feel the same.

Our goal

To your choice of vending company, who supports local producers with quality products and services.

To be better than our competition.

Our Values

  • Better for you
  • Better for your  customers
  • Better for farming
  • Better for the environment

Why are The Milkstation Company different ?

Our various models will provide the best solution to cater for every requirement and scenario. However, we offer far more than just milk vending machines – help is on hand to help you get set up with the right machine, as well as continuous support from installation through to ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting.
Whilst our team is rooted in the farming industry there is an abundance of experience across our team. We use our wealth of knowledge and skills to provide you with the most complete purchase and support across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We can offer support across all aspects of your new venture.

Contact us

For any further information on Milk Stations, General vending machines or any of the products and services we offer, please contact us by phone or email,

Our experts will help to fill in any of the gaps you have.

A huge amount of information is available here but sometimes its not quite the same as speaking with someone directly

Get in touch

Alderney farm shop
channel islands
“The whole team is always readily available to assist with any queries we have faced. We have found the personal approach the Milk Station has provided has made the processes easy to manage”
Mortons Farm
“The Milk Station Company are an excellent company to work with demonstrating excellent communication with customers and supplying machinery and bottles of a very standard. They provide excellent after care and technical support if and when required. I would highly recommend the Milk Station Company”
The Home Farmer
“Our milk vending machine has been a great success since we launched 18 months ago. Our customers love being able to buy milk fresh from the farm, and it’s given us the security of diversified income. David and the team at The Milk Station Company are incredibly helpful and are quick to deal with any issues that arise”

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