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About Milkstation

The Milkstation team is rapidly growing and evolving. Recently expanding into new headquarters in the beautiful city of Wells.

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Our Customers are increasing in number every day.
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We want you to know what the Milkstation Company is all about

In our opinion, you arent just buying a vending machine from a company. You are buying a Milk Station. You are buying from us as people, we want you to know who we are and what we are about.

There are companies out there that are great , but not Milkstation great. We are easy to reach, easy to get hold of. We will answer and respond to you.

“Always available to assist with any queries. We found the personal approach from the MilkStation has made the process easy to manage
Alderney farm shop
“They provide excellent after care and technical support if and when required. I would highly recommend the Milk Station Company
Mortons milk
“ The team at The Milk Station Company are incredibly helpful and are quick to deal with any issues that arise”
The Home farmer

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