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There are likely too many good points and positives to raise about buying and selling Milk in this way, We thought we should still try…

About Milkstation

The Milkstation team is rapidly growing and evolving. Recently expanding into new headquarters in the beautiful city of Wells.

Meet the 3 directors and find a little more about Milkstation

About the Industry

There are a very many positives to be found in Fresh milk. There are benefits for those that produce it, and those that consume it

Bringing Farming closer

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Where is your nearest Milk machine. ?

We have nearly 80 machines around the country, including the Channel Islands and a number of customers who have multiple machines in different locations, due to the success of their first one. Most machine owners sell more than 50 litres per day and 100 -150 litres is common. We do have one customer who does over 700 litres at a weekend of raw milk and another customer who sold 5000 bottles in the first 3 months after he opened. There is clearly great interest in quality milk from a local producer.