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Raw vs. Pasteurised Milk

Milk vending machines on continental Europe are invariably used by farmers for selling raw milk, meaning that on balance they can market their product at a much more cost-effective way – without having to invest in a pasteuriser, or having to pay for someone else to pasteurise their milk.


From the consumer’s point of view unpasteurised milk is said to have a whole range of health benefits when produced under suitably hygienic conditions and originates from a healthy herd.


Milk from vending machines is also unhomogenised, a process devised for purely aesthetical reasons which further diminishes the quality of milk by reducing the size of suspended fat globules by about 10 fold. 


Lets not forget them, their herds are ultimately kept healthy which usually also means better standards and living conditions.

Further reading

comprehensive study “The Case For Untreated Milk”, based on a number of scientific journals and research findings

Environmentally friendly

The most environmentally friendly solution for purchasing a product which most of us regularly utilise on a daily basis

Reusable containers

rather than buying milk in non-biodegradable plastic bottles, considerably less waste is produced when compared to buying milk in non-biodegradable plastic bottles

Its close by

has been produced close by and has not been transported across the country, or indeed across Europe. Lower food miles and a reduced carbon footprint

Your Community

You are supporting your local community. local business and local people. All who share and contribute through buying and selling.


Dont forget the source isnt a machine too. selling direct means farmers can set and maintain the highest standards, and the Cows get the benefit of this.

Support your local farmer

A simple search online will reveal how preposterously little per litre of milk relative to what the consumer typically pays is given to the farmer


Across the continent from Spain, France and Italy, through Switzerland and Germany, to Eastern European countries such as Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Local support

By buying the product of a local farmer directly you are supporting their business and the local economy

In the UK

There are around 11,200 dairy farmers in the UK who not only produce an important component of our daily diet


You also get to look after the cows, the same ones you can see from your window, the ones that come say hello when you walk your dog