All you need to know to get started

There are a few steps to be aware of, Let us help you through each one

Before you launch….

Learn as much as you can about your machines, watch all of the videos and practice. Experiment with your routines and processes. Do not get to a point of launching to the public until you are completely confident.

Below are some good hints and pointers but we would strongly suggest taking in all of the portal first, have a soft launch during the week for you to get used to it, Then launch to the public a week or two later.

This keeps your customers happy and removes any chance they get put off if it doesnt go to plan.
Our launch guides and breakdowns will help you to know what you need to know and what to do before you consider going live.

Want to know more ….

We have worked with countless business and farms, working through each step from day 1, speak to our team to fully understand the process, before that though, see what else we can help with.