Double Station

A number of people have expressed interest in a milk vending machine which is able to dispense more than one type of milk, for example whole and semi-skimmed milk, without having to invest in two machines. Most consumers do not generally buy milk on a daily basis, so it is possible to use any of our Station, Station Plus or Executive range models to offer a different type of milk on alternate days.

However, to cater for those who feel it is beneficial to provide a choice to their customers on a constant basis we are proud to present a new addition to our models, the Double Station. This is a unique milk vending machine which as far as we know is the first of its kind on the market anywhere. The Double Station is effectively an upgraded version of the Station Plus 3, but the two milk tanks can be filled with different types of milk and customers can choose which one they prefer. Both milk tanks are supplied with a separate delivery system, each connected to their individual spouts in the dispensing chamber, so there is no mixing of their contents. In addition each tank is equipped with a milk level sensor, and TXT messages can be sent when milk levels reach a predefined level in either tank, or if they later run out of milk.