The Milk Station Co. & Farmers

Milk vending machines have been widely used on continental Europe for a number of years now by dairy farmers to sell their milk directly to consumers. The founder of our chosen manufacturer is in fact a former dairy farmer who started producing milk vending machines over 16 years ago, now selling around 600 machines per year.

According to our research UK dairy farmers often do not achieve a price they would consider fair for their product via the established milk supply chain, while milk vending machines have been providing European producers with a significantly higher profit margin for some time. Milk vending machines are currently largely unknown in the UK, but farmers here can easily recreate the same.

Depending on the model, each machine accommodates 1 to 4 milk tanks of varying capacity housed in a fully insulated stainless steel case. The milk is regularly agitated and kept at a preset temperature, usually at 3-4C, and delivered to the dispensing chamber by means of silicon tubing. The Station Plus models can be fitted with optional features to monitor milk levels and alert you via a TXT message on your mobile when the milk reaches a certain volume first, and again if milk runs out. Similarly a message can inform you of a power cut or if electricity later resumes; the machine will not accept further payments in the event of a power cut, and no milk will be dispensed. The Milk Station Company will be on hand to help establish a suitable location and to install your milk vending machine, and to provide guidance on its subsequent use, following which ongoing maintenance and running costs are minimal. Milk tanks have to be cleaned prior to refilling, and the machine’s internal delivery system needs to be flushed through before full tanks are put in place – a process which only takes around 10 minutes!

The period in which the initial investment of a Milk or Milkshake Station can be recouped predominantly depends on your exact milk production costs and volume of sales. According to our calculations, however, we predict that this should realistically be achieved well before the warranty period of a machine expires, which is two years. If you would like to have a more accurate idea of how quickly you could amortise the cost of your Milk Station please feel free to have a chat with us and we will be provide you with accurate figures based on your circumstances and production costs.