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What types of milk can your machines dispense ?

Our machines can dispense raw or pasteurised milk, full fat or semi skimmed, cow’s milk or goat’s milk or even buffalo milk. We also have machines that can dispense two types of milk from the same machine-bifluid machines though we don’t believe that most EHOs would accept raw and pasteurised milk being dispensed from the same machine.  Nut milk is not advisable due to the particle content that could block the filters and kefir is too thick.

Where can the machines be sited ?

Machines are usually sited in a purpose made shed or cabin but sometimes customers adapt old shipping containers or even a trailer (see below)  and one of our customers produces fully kitted out containers if you want. It is best to make use of an existing building-see section on  ‘Do I need planning?’ Machines can be outdoors but the delicate coin mechanisms need to be protected from direct rain. The machines are all stainless steel so do not rust.

Do I need planning permission ?

If you are creating a building on a site where none existed before, it is likely you will need planning permission but most customers repurpose existing buildings. If in doubt , it is always best to seek permission rather than forgiveness!

Can I put these machines anywhere ?

Provided they are protected from the worst of the weather, they can go almost anywhere: for example one customer has theirs in a static milk float, one in a car wash, one in a hole in the wall and so on. They just need a power supply but don’t need a water supply.

Can I put these machines in a trailer or horsebox ?

We have several customers that use modified trailers and horseboxes and move the machines from one site to another. The machines are not designed for this purpose but if securely mounted  and provided with a consistent power supply, they function well. A lot of vibration will though cause instability in some components, so it is best to move them as little as possible.

What payment systems can I have?

All machines come with a simple coin acceptor which takes exact money and tokens. They are capable of having a coin change mechanism exchanger to provide change, note readers and contactless card readers and these can be specified at purchase or we can retrofit them if circumstances change (although this does work out as less cost efficient).

How many litres should I expect to sell

We feel that if you sell less than 40 litres per day, then the costs do not stack up. Most customers sell over at least 80 litres a day and our top performer -no names-sells 4000 per week!

What much should I charge?

Most people look at the cost of milk locally and adjust accordingly. No-one sells for less than £1 per litre and some people sell for £1.50 per litre or more

What size tanks can you have

The tank sizes depend a bit on the model you choose. Brunimats can have 50, 100 and 200 litre tanks in the same machine (depending on size and capacity of chosen machine) and provide a double machine with up to 2 x 200 litre tanks or four 50 litre tanks. Please note that none of the Brunimat tanks is on wheels, so careful consideration must be given to lifting and moving the tanks. DFItalia have different machines with different tanks-100, 150 & 200 litres (their larger models combine a multiple of 200L tanks – two in a MOD400, 3 in a MOD600 etc).  150L & 200L tanks are on wheels, but the 100L tank is not.

Do you keep stock of machines in the UK?

No.  All machines are built to order, with a lead time of 4-6 weeks for Brunimat and 8-12 weeks for DF Italia.  All machines are shipped directly from Switzerland & Italy to the customer.

What machines do you sell

We sell machines for vending milk, machines to sell bottles, refrigerated machines for cheese and eggs etc and a range of support machines to help you build a vending enterprise. Coffee machines, smart fridges and now we work with Fulwood to provide pasteurisers, both batch and continuous flow

Do you sell glass bottles?

Yes.  We have a dedicated member of the team who can co-ordinate your bottle requirements.  Most popular is the 1L glass bottle, which we sell by the pallet (approx. 1352 bottles).  We recommend ceramically printing them with your branding, as this really helps with your marketing, and supplies vital information to the customer about provenance, shelf life etc.  Other sizes of glass bottles are available: 250ml & 500ml being the most popular.

Can you supply the vinyl branding stickers?

Yes.  Again, a dedicated member of the team can help with this.  Whether by helping you come up with branding artwork, visuals and text, or simply arranging printing of existing artwork, we can help transform your milk vending machine into a powerful vehicle highlighting your brand identity.  In addition we can help create helpful instruction panels for the customer use of the machine.

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