Milk Stations in the UK

Use our map above to find your nearest milk station. Enter your address or postcode and select how far you want to look and you should be able to see all the locations in your area with the model numbers of the machines. A few machines are not located exactly at the farm address and some may have been relocated since the map was updated, so do check before you visit.

We have nearly 80 machines around the country, including the Channel Islands and a number of customers who have multiple machines in different locations, due to the success of their first one. Most machine owners sell more than 50 litres per day and 100 -150 litres is common. We do have one customer who does over 700 litres at a weekend of raw milk and another customer who sold 5000 bottles in the first 3 months after he opened. There is clearly great interest in quality milk from a local producer.

Here are a few customer stories from around the UK in a bit more detail…

Mooon Milk - Cornwall

 Boscarne Farm, St Buryan, Penzance, Cornwall

A 400 acre, third generation family farm, Boscarne’s herd of 230 Channel Island cows produces their milk, pasteurised on site for sale directly from the farm.  They farm using traditional, sustainable methods, rotating crops and cattle, and using their knowledge of the moon phases to influence their cattle breeding and crop fertilisation choices. They have two milk vending machines now, one on farm and one at the local Rugby club and their small cups of milkshakes are a big hit with the local kids after school.

Horrington Hut - Somerset

The Hares family have been farming in Wells for over 30 years and Josh first bought a second hand milk machine some three years ago.

With interest from local newspapers and exposure on regional television, sales quickly took off and despite being on a small road, Josh sells around 100 litres a day of pasteurised milk from his herd of Holstein Friesians.

The farm recently took delivery of a new refrigerated DFresh vending machine. It can sell reusable glass bottles but also lots of local produce as well. It has an elevator system that allows it to sell fragile things like eggs and jars of chutney as well as chilled produce, butter and cheeses. It stands alongside the milk machine and it is proving a hit with customers who like the whole ‘buy local’ concept.

Next on the list of things to put in the vending machine will be Honey, this year we have planted a small area of bee and butterfly mix to support the local pollinators!

The Home Farmer - North Yorkshire

Based in Aysgarth, North Yorkshire, the Spence family pasteurise milk from their 80 cow herd and sell in glass bottles across the villages of Wensleydale by means of an ingenious mobile machine.

Ben Spence converted an Ifor Williams horsebox to incorporate a milk vending machine to sell his milk direct to consumers. He locates it in one village one day and another the next, following local market days . “All the locals know where our milk comes from; it’s fresh from the cows down the road and in the machine within 48 hours”, says Ben.

Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses - Suffolk

Suffolk Farmhouse Cheeses is an independent family run business producing exceptional quality milk and cheeses from their pedigree Guernsey cows.

Their hand crafted Suffolk Gold, Suffolk Blue, and various seasonal cheeses can be bought from the farm, or various local farmers markets. Winning the Green Award at the Best Alternative Land Enterprise (BALE) run by the Suffolk Agricultural Association is a testament to Jason and Katharine’s holistic approach to farming. Customers visiting the on-site farm shop can now also purchase delicious Guernsey milk that has travelled precisely zero miles from their Station 1 machine.