Milkshake Station

The Milk Station Company also offers an alternative product in the form of milkshake vending machines. Similarly to our milk vending machines, these appliances are also able to maintain their contents at a preset temperature and can alert you if milk levels are running low. Milk is stored in plastic bags of maximum 15 litre capacity and up to six bags can be inserted into the machine at any given time. Each bag is supplied with a quick-fit connection valve for attaching a delivery hose and milk is drawn on a “first in, first out” basis, automatically switching to the next bag as the previous one empties. Flavouring is contained in 5 canisters which are mixed with the milk, although up to 14 different drinks can be purchased for example by mixing the 5 basic flavours, such as strawberry and banana, or cappuccino and vanilla. It is also possible to buy “light” versions of the 5 basic flavours, where the machine uses a reduced quantity of the flavouring in the same overall volume of drink purchased, or to simply have a cup of milk. Milkshake Stations are ideal for supplying a delicious yet healthy option in locations such as schools, hospitals or leisure centres.