Milk Stations, Vending Machines and a whole lot more

Take a look at the Milk Stations we offer and the extra products to really kick off your business

Milk Station

The Milkstation team work hard to try to get exactly the right machine for your situation.

There are a variety of customisations available to make sure it has all the features you need.

Syrup Station

Supplement your milk sales with milkshakes, more flavours than you can imagine.

Our exclusive syrup station means no more honesty boxes but no compromise on flavour choices.

Tabletop Dispenser

Countertop size, refrigerated and agitated. meaning your milk will be kept in tip top condition.

But more than that, it can accomodate almost any liquid you can throw at it.
Easy to use, easy to operate.


An ambient unit can dispense a wide range of products from either pushers or spirals. Sandwiches, snacks, desserts, as well as water, ice teas and drinks, bread, chocolate, energy and cereal bars, and so on and so forth!


They are perfect for all kind of products needing a controlled 3°C temperature!
We can distribute each shape and size package, squared boxes, bags, vacuum, jars and glass cans!


Perfect for all kind of products needing a controlled -20°C temperature! Ice-creams single and in boxes, cakes, frozen pizzas, ready meals, meat, fish, vegetables, prepared for soups and ready-to-fry potatoes!

Coffee Station

Delicious, consistent and perfect drinks, increasing the satisfaction of your customers or employees and minimising the time you have to spend on maintenance.

Smoothie Station

blends delicious frozen beverages made to order in under a minute. Your own adjustable recipes, create smoothies, juice, frozen cocktails, slushies and more. 

Locker Stations

For the larger items that struggle vending elsewhere. Available in ambient, refrigerated and frozen variants. There really is very little we cant accomodate.

We have a number of different machines which cater for different needs. 
Our machines are purpose built to order and you can choose a wide range of options to make it just right for you.
Considerations should also be given to, what volume of milk you think may be needed to satisfy demand, where the machine is to be sited, what payment options you would like.
We are constantly developing our machines and new features are just around the corner.

At The Milkstation Company we have strong values and beliefs about the way we run our business. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do and ensuring they are completely satisfied is our aim.

We understand the challenges you will face and we will work with you to overcome them.

“Always available to assist with any queries. We found the personal approach from the MilkStation has made the process easy to manage
Alderney farm shop
“They provide excellent after care and technical support if and when required. I would highly recommend the Milk Station Company
Mortons milk
“ The team at The Milk Station Company are incredibly helpful and are quick to deal with any issues that arise”
The Home farmer

I like what I see, What else do you have ….

Our Milk Stations are the base of our package, But we do a whole lot more than just sell a machine, full details available from these links

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