Our Doory 7 is a column to distribute voluminous products at ambient temperature, and can be connected to all DF Italia Automatic Dispensers for packaged products!
Bags, baskets, boxes of fruit or vegetables, or wood, pellet or charcoal for barbeque, or other bulky products that cannot be sold in other vending machines!
Thanks to the front window and the internal led lights it is really easy to see what is inside the compartment.

Finally, your customers can buy your products 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!

Technical information

Black metal structure
7 products doors with circle windows to see the products
Large internal capacity
Backlight to see the products inside
Once the product in a compartment is sold, this compartment goes automatically out of service
Automatic door unlocking when the related code is selected
Max 4 Doory columns for each main dispenser