The Milk Station fully integrated Milkshake Machine comes in 200 and 400 litre versions with 100 or 200 litre tanks, a touch screen menu operation, contactless payment terminal and coin acceptor. The touch screen can be programmed with a slide show about the farm and is tailored to your requirements

The machine incorporates up to 16 flavours of syrup and uniquely has a feature to provide strong or extra strong shots. In addition, the ‘shop’ feature allows customers to order multiple litres of milk, syrups and even a glass bottle in a single purchase. This avoids customers having to make multiple taps and reduces queuing and means you only need one contactless terminal. The machine has air and water flush after every dispense but only needs a small water reservoir of 10 litres. There is no need to take large volumes of water to the machine every day.
The machine will dispense into glass or plastic bottles and can have a module fitted to dispense bottles, avoiding the need for multiple contactless terminals. The control system is expandable to incorporate other machines such as coffee etc thus future proofing your set up.

Requires only
a single 13
amp power
for operation.

Manufactured entirely
from 316 stainless
steel for ease of
cleaning and a high
standard of hygiene.

iCloud capability with
online portal to view
all transactions and
control your machine
from anywhere in the

Tanks can be 100 or 200 litre and come on wheels with all pumps, agitator etc mounted on them for ease of movement and cleaning
back at the parlour.