General Vending Machines

General vending machines offer a great opportunity to sell your other products

DF Italia

This Italian company was founded by Diego Ferronato who was an engineer and built his first machine over 15 years ago. These machines are available worldwide.

The DF Italia range of milk vending machines is ideal for the direct sale of all types of milk, raw or pasteurised and we supply a variety of models suitable for all your needs from the compact 100 litre version, to the larger modular systems for 600-800 litres and more! The particular feature of these machines is a modular tank system on wheels, where everything that touches the milk can be removed in a single operation for cleaning back at the dairy.


A refrigerated unit can dispense a wide range of products from either pushers or spirals. These are ideal dispensers for glass bottles, cheese , eggs , yoghurt etc..


Perfect for all kind of products needing a controlled -20°C temperature! Ice-creams single and in boxes, cakes, frozen pizzas, ready meals, meat, fish, vegetables, prepared for soups and ready-to-fry potatoes!
Our automatic dispensers are completely Made in Italy!


Our Doory 7 is a locker system to distribute products at ambient temperature, and can be connected to all DF Italia Automatic Dispensers for packaged products!
Bags, baskets, boxes of fruit or vegetables, or wood, pellet or charcoal for barbeques, or other bulky products that cannot be sold in other vending machines!
Thanks to the front window and the internal led lights it is really easy to see what is inside the compartment.

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We offer a lot more besides the machines, take a look at our extra products and service, there is a lot more for you to see.

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