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Having a machine and selling milk is one thing, take the next step to a vending farm shop

Bottle Machines

Many of our customers start with selling bottles using honesty boxes but all too often this is ruined by one person who isnt quite so honest. So we have several machines that will sell your empty clean bottles, either refrigerated or ambient.

General vending machines

Many customers want to sell bottles but want to also offer other local products such as eggs, cheese , yoghurt etc and we have a number of machines at different price points which are refrigerated. We even have machines that can sell frozen products.

Table top machines

We have just developed a simple table top machine for customers to extend the range of their distribution. These come with 10 or 15 litre containers, agitate the milk and allow milk on demand. They are only available for existing customers!


ES Plus Chilled with Payter & Coin mech in a Standard Taos – £6375 + VAT

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