Milk Dispenser

The Brunimat Milk dispenser is ideal for placing in a shop or similar location. The milk dispenser combines the cooling system, milk tanks, agitator, control system and chilled filling compartment in one compact unit. The milk dispenser is customer friendly, and uncomplicated to operate. Our machines are manufactured completely– interior and exterior – of stainless steel as standard.

The features

The Milk dispenser does not have an inbuilt payment system. 
The Milk dispenser is available in the following versions:
KS 650 (50-200l)
KS 500 (50l) 
Also other liquids
BRUNIMAT milk vending machines can be used to sell other liquids as well.
For instance as juice dispenser etc.

Technical information

Dimensions : W 74cm  H 205cm  D 102cm                         
Net weight :  170kg
Mains supply : 220V – 240V / 50Hz
Current consumption : 0.3 – 4.6 Ampere
Ambient temperature : -30°C just 40°C  (frost proof),  2°C bis 40°C (without frost proof)

Easy handling

Milk will be dispensed, as long as the start button remains pressed. 
When the button is released, then the flow of milk stops.
The filling process can be paused and continued at wish.

One single button for both start and stop – prevents misuse!


All parts which come into contact with milk in the filling area are chilled (and, on request, can also be made frost-proof).
The vending machine is, both internally and externally, manufactured in high quality stainless steel.
With a press of the start button approx. 5 litres of cleaning solution is pumped throughout the system, flushed clean and fresh milk is taken in. Together with changing of the milk container, operation takes approx. 5 minutes a day.