MOD 200

Our milk automatic dispensers are completely Made in Italy!

Milk Automatic Dispensers

They are perfect for the direct selling of raw milk and pasteurized milk, from farm to consumer. We produce various models for any necessity, from 100 litres, to modular systems for 1800 litres and more!

Technical information

Refrigerating system with high-density insulation, to increase the energy-savings.
Constant 3°C temperature, to always offer a safe, genuine, local milk to the consumers.
Dispensing without foam.
Sanitization of the withdrawal area with a steam jet, after each dispensing.
Simple to load with front door to replace the milk tanks and for service.
Refrigerating area separated from the cash withdrawal compartment.
Printer to give a receipt to the customers, with settable information, useful for the end user.
With reusable bottles dispenser.
Remote control.
Interactive telemetry with free APP.
Simple and intuitive for the final user.
Mobile payment by smartphone.

7 days per week

These milk vending machines can be installed in and out of farms, in indoor and outdoor places, in and out of supermarkets and in any place with electric connection. Finally, your customers can buy your high-quality milk 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!


– 1 stainless-steel round tank.
– 200 litres capacity.
– The tank is equipped with 4 wheels (fixed on the tank).
– Manhole watertight seal.
– Mechanical double paddle to mix the milk.
– Motorized agitator.
– Milk dosing pump fixed on the top of each tank.
– Built in stainless steel waste tank for residues.
– Milk pipe plant with connections, removable, for washing at the farm.
– Washing system expected for the tanks: semi-automatic with pump (pump not included), completely automatic with CIP (automatic CIP not included).