Premium 1300

The Brunimat Premium 1300 DUO combines the cooling system, milk tanks, agitator, control system and chilled filling compartment in one compact unit. The milk milk is customer friendly, and uncomplicated to operate. Our machines are manufactured completely– interior and exterior – of stainless steel as standard.


Maximum capacity 400l (2 x 200l)
No residual milk
The changing of the empty tank and the rinsing of the machine can be done at the same time, irrespective of the residual milk
Additional equipment:
Payment systemsCoin changer 
Bank note reader
Credit card reader
GSM (SMS messages)Message if the internal temperature is too high
Message when the cooling system exceeds the defined milk and / or inside temperature
Message when the milk tank is empty
Various other messages (e.g. flow-meter or payment system is defect)
Message how much litre milk are selling since the last filling – every day to the same time
Message from different sales counter to a second phone number (office p.e.)
Message before tank is empty (adjustable)
Receipt printer
Automatic climate control (frost proof)
Automatic cleaning from the filling area (only after a sale)
Jeton in addition to the coin acceptance (1 jeton/ 1 liter)
Alarm system (siren alarm + SMS-message) by a burglary
All the Brunimat Premium corresponds to the EU directives for the measurement of liquids and are certified and calibrated.

Technical informationThird One

Dimensions : W 150cm  H 205cm  D 102cm                         
Net weight :  270kg
Mains supply : 220V – 240V / 50Hz
Current consumption : 0.3 – 4.6 Ampere
Ambient temperature : -30°C just 40°C  (frost proof),  2°C bis 40°C (without frost proof)

Easy handling

Each coin put into the machine represents a credit, which is shown on the display as a quantity of milk. The quantity, just 5 litres, can be self regulated.
The filling process can be interrupted at will and restarted. (eg. to change receptacle )
The same push button is used to start and stop the filling process – i.e.  there is no possibility of an operating error!
In the software menu, the following alternatives can be programmed : manual start / stop, or automatic stop after each litre.
The display informs the customer how to use the vending-machine.
If the machine is fitted with the coin changer variation, any remaining credits will be repaid by pressing the return button.
Receipt automaticaly or on wish.


All parts which come into contact with milk in the filling area are chilled (and, on request, can also be made frost-proof).
The vending machine is, both internally and externally, manufactured in high quality stainless steel.
Easy to clean. Self cleaning system by the filling area after every sale.
When the time limit of the interior temperature monitoring has been exceeded the avtomat will be automatic blocked. This history will be recorded and stored for the last 48 hours. As an option (when wanted) one can have milk temperature monitoring with protocols.
The vending machine will be disabled, when the cooling system exceeds the defined milk temperature after a (programmable) specific time.
It will also be disabled if there is an extended power cut. (The time is programmable).
After each filling process, the filling area flushes automatically. It is not necessary to have an external water-connection.