Refrigerated Vending Stations

General vending machines offer a great opportunity to sell your other products


Refrigerated vending machine

They are perfect for all kind of products needing a controlled 3°C temperature! Sandwiches, cheese, milk, yogurt, desserts, as well as salami, cold cuts, sauces, but also fruit and vegetables, and so on and so forth!

We can distribute each shape and size package, squared boxes, bags, vacuum, jars and glass cans!

Doory Fresh

Refrigerated locker machine

Our Doory Fresh is a refrigerated locker system
Bulky products that cannot be sold in other refrigerated vending machines!
Thanks to the front window and the internal led lights it is really easy to see what is inside the compartment.


ES Plus Chilled machine excl Taos unit £5,760 + VAT

Im hooked, I need to know more ….

We offer a lot more besides the machines, take a look at our extra products and service, there is a lot more for you to see.

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