Water Station


Hydration station

Perfect for the sale of water: fresh, still and sparkling, micro-filtrated, debacterized, directly from the hydric line.
We produce various models of water dispensers, for any need, from vending to camping.
These Automatic Water Dispensers can be installed in offices, factories, schools and hospitals, as well as in automatic shops 24/7, parks, city centers, touristic places and parking areas. Reduce the use of polluting disposable plastic bottles!.


Refrigerating and carbonating systems
Micro-filtrating system
Sanitisation of the withdrawal area with a steam jet
Front door opening for cash withdrawing and service
With reusable bottles dispense
Simple and intuitive for the final user
Remote control with GSM module for alarms and reports via text message and/or E-mail

Interactive telemetry through the WEB APP with subscription for advanced functions (accounting, products stored, temperature, price changing and alarms, additional e-mails for more users)

Compatibility with the most common credit and debit card readers. Other payment systems can be implemented under request (for example: payment through Smartphones)

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