What else can you sell

Having a machine and selling milk is one thing, take the next step to a vending farm shop

Branded stuff

Add your logo to a large range of merchandise that you can sell. from mugs to shirts and jute bags. Why not put your logo on it. Create a conversation starter for your customers. A conversation about you

Try our ‘Box of Stuff subscription’

Let us do the hard work, we will source and test items to make sure they vend well and will sell.
You subscribe to a delivered collection of items every other month to try in your machine.

Kit for your team

Handling and operating your machine is a daily necessity. We can provide you with workwear and other items to kit out your team for you.


Your logo and your product choices printed and delivered by us

Your general vending machine represents a massive opportunity for you to make further sales. Many of our customers have expanded their product range to make more profit and its great advertising too.

Thats where we come in .

We can do the hard work, you choose the the product or suggests what you would like. We can source and print the products. Where possible w get a sample over to you. And then arrange delivery direct to you, for you. It really couldnt be easier. One email or call and we do the rest.


Your team in your kit

Whether you handle all of the work and handling yourself, or have a team of people working for you.

Those involved are seen by your customers, let them be seen with a professional appearance, with equipment and workwear that we recommend.
Make their life easier.

Show me what you got ….

This page is but a mere glimpse of what we do, there is more to discover about who we are and what we do best.

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