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A Milkstation Milk Station is so much more than a station for milk

We do much more than just milk vending machines.

The Milkstation Company is different to others in the market. Our packages are much more than machines that sell milk. The Milkstation team have strong values and beliefs in the way they do business. A focus on more than just metal bits, we will go over and above to make sure you get the right advice and support when you need it.

Of course we have a range of machines and products that we can tailor to your specific needs and wants, We will use our experience amd knowledge to to help you make the best decisions to get the most out of your machines.
It doesnt stop there either as we will work with you for longer than that, Just you try and stop us.

Our machines are purpose built to order and the choice of which machine depends on a number of factors.
The first consideration is the overall volume of milk that may be needed to satisfy demand.
Where the machine is to be sited a texting facility can be used to inform when milk levels are low.
We are constantly developing our machines and new features are just around the corner.

Our branding and marketing options can help maximise your machines impact, fit with your business brand or really make a statement. There really isnt anything we cant and wont do to make the most of your machine, working with your ideas and our designers and manufacturers to create a bespoke solution for you. Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

Social Media

We offer support and guidance for marketing ideas, You can take advantage of our expertise and the shared experiences of our clients to get the most out of social media.

Become a part of The Milkstation Family.

And create a community of your own around your machines.

Your Brand, Your Machine

Customise your machine and products to fit you business and location.

With our help we can create a range of graphics, visuals and designs for your machine and marketing.

maximising your hard work in building your brand.

So you have purchased a machine, its installed and milk is flying out of the thing. You are almost ready to boot The Milkstation team out of the door. However they are a determined bunch and wont give up that easily.
Instead we put to you our Service and Maintenace packages. These are offered with every confidence in our product. Yet we want to give you complete peace of mind in the coming years that we are here for you.

The Legendary PACkage

Whatever you need, whenever you need it. Our premier package may come at a cost but its the best there is. A complete solution for any situation

THe Professional Package

More than you expect, Access to online material and support through the working week when you need it. No question is too small.

The Elite package

Maximum Support at every opportunity. Within working and business hours and weekends you will have access to all available support. Just a shame it never goes wrong.

The standard package

We will get you up and running, Our introductory period ensures perfect running machine. Includes our end of life package and online resource centre access

See what everyone is saying about us or at least the ones that have been bold enough to tell us . Some of our favourites are here and some further case studies are here somewhere too. Oh and check out our facebook page for even more customers there too

“ I cant be positive enough about the Milkstation team. Going the extra mile doesnt do it justice in this case”
John Townsend
farmer, The Old farm
“ I had thought about trying one of these for a few years, Im so glad I did. Im absolutely raking it in”
Jim Johnson
Farm shop manager, The Dairy
“ I had to dig a bigger money pit to fit it alin. Only having a card machine made that a little pointless”
Tony Townsend
Farm Hand, The Older Farm

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This page is but a mere glimpse of what we do, more information can be found here about who we are and what we do best.