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Support and maintenance

At Milkstation we have strong values and beliefs in the way we do business. A focus on more than just metal bits, we will go over and above to make sure you get the right advice and support when you need it.

Branding and Marketing

Our branding options can help maximise your machines impact and help build your brand. There really isn’t anything we cant and wont do to make the most of your Milk Station.

How many ways to pay

Typically customers buy the machines outright but we can offer a selection of payment methods to purchase your machines. Lease purchase and rental options are both available. Chat with us to see what suits you best.

Our payment options in detail

Your brand will look fantastic

  • Unique
  • Personal
  • Creative
  • Character
  • Style
  • Humour

Our branding and livery options can help maximise your machines impact, and build your brand to really make a statement. There really isn’t anything we cant and wont do to make the most of your machine, working with your ideas and our designers and manufacturers to create a bespoke solution for you. Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we help you develop a tailormade solution.

Join our Community

Join up with us online and become part of the Milkstation community. You can take advantage of our expertise and the shared experiences of our clients to get the most out of social media.

Your Brand, Your Machine

Customise your machine and products to fit your business and location.

With our help we can create a range of graphics, vinyls and signage for your machine along with any other marketing materials you require.

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Milkstation Service and Maintenance

So you have purchased a machine, it is installed and milk is flying out of the door. You are almost ready to fly solo but we are still here to help you build the business. It matters that customers do well and we are always pleased to hear all the news.
More importantly we have a host of resources provided by our team and are constantly looking at other machines that could help you build on the success of your milk machine..

Not just an off the shelf product, With Milk Stations you get much more

It is possible to buy a machine , and try to figure it out. We don’t believe this is enough, we want to be central to that process.

We want to use our passion and experience to guide you through the process. The knowledge and expertise we can bring is what sets our product apart from the rest by providing support where it is needed.

“Always available to assist with any queries. We found the personal approach from the MilkStation has made the process easy to manage
Alderney farm shop
“They provide excellent after care and technical support if and when required. I would highly recommend the Milk Station Company
Mortons milk
“ The team at The Milk Station Company are incredibly helpful and are quick to deal with any issues that arise”
The Home farmer

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