The perfect Milkstation in the perfect spot

We have supplied many machines and have knowledge to share about the best location

Our siting and location experience, we want to share it

We have customers with machines in shed, buildings, trailers and containers and many many more. We know the strengths and pitfalls of each and every one. There are some techniques and choices we would suggest and some that wouldn’t. Let us share these with you.

At present we don’t have a recommendation or working relationship with a particular supplier. We therefore are completely impartial and will offer honest opinion and advice.

Give us a call to talk through all the options and your ideas.

In the longer term, we might have some ideas of optimum designs and recommendations we might make. If you think you might be able to help us, then let us know.
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When Milk Stations are installed outdoors it is necessary to provide a degree of shelter, mainly from rain water. Depending on where you intend to install a machine protection from rain might already exist, otherwise we are happy to advise you of an appropriate solution based on inspection of a proposed installation site. Although a range of designs is available, in many circumstances tailor-made shelters will be required. 

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