Customer Support

We’ll be there for you, When the rain starts to fall …

The Milkstation Customer Portal

All of our customers are given access to our extensive online customer portal. A resource created to give operators the knowledge and power to understand their machines a little more.

Full of videos, documents and how to guides for everything from set up to troubleshooting.
It is available all day everyday from any internet enabled device.

The portal is expanding all the time with new and improved advice, This should be the first point of call for anything machine related.

It also has bespoke contact options to reach the Milkstation team. This is a customer contact channel only ensuring your email is directed promptly.

Continued support throughout

As a Milkstation customer you will receive our full support package. Our support team are available Mon to Fri without fail. Your call or email will be received and returned. Our customer portal is ever expanding. Full of advice, guidance and help when things go wrong. Fast becoming the extensive support library for all things vending.
All backed up by a nationwide engineering network for occasions where site visits are required and to carry out routine maintenance. We dont stop there, our lead engineer is always looking for improvements and development potential, when we have a good idea we share it with you.

Other companies may only be interested in getting you started and making the sale but arent there to back you up when you need them. They may even be difficult to contact.

At Milkstation our robust support process and committed team both on the phone and on the road will always respond and do all they can to help you.

We will respond to every call and every email

We know how frustrating it is to not be heard, for us this is unacceptable, we will always respond. Our robust support process is there to help through diagnosis to solution and further than that.
Where we can help remotely we will do so free of charge, where a visit is necessary we will arrange. Or perhaps a fix is possible with the right supply of parts. We will deliver parts and instructions or videos to help you along get it sorted.

A looked after vending machine is a happy vending machine

Our machines are working and running often 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Keeping them at optimum function is much like all machines, good maintenance is vital. It will really keep your milkstation working and working well, even when you are not.

We are exploring some package offerings to help look after your machine. You can of course book in with each year or as and when you would like. However we are looking at ways to make this even easier for you.

As soon as these plans are finalised then we make those available here. We will keep you posted.

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This page is but a mere glimpse of what we do, there is more to discover about who we are and what we do best.

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