Station Plus Range

Our Station Plus range models are advanced versions of the Station range machines and can be equipped with a variety of optional extras to enable you to maximise the efficiency of your time. Generally speaking the additional features allow you to locate your Milk Station at a greater distance from your premises, which can often mean a busier location. When fully kitted out you do not need to worry about being unaware of a power cut, of the temperature getting too high, or that the machine runs out of milk – your Station Plus will automatically alert you of all such eventualities via a TXT message. Further sophistication can be achieved by the installation of a banknote reader, the facility to provide change from credit inserted, or installing a receipt printing device. Each printout can include information such as details of the operator, date and time of when the machine was last refilled, expiry date, price per litre, amount of credit inserted, and volume of milk purchased.