The Station Range

Models in the Station range provide more economic options with the machines being furnished with all the necessary features to maintain their contents in optimum conditions and enable customers to purchase milk in an easy and hassle free way. You are, however, not paying for additional features which might not be essential for your requirements, meaning a quicker return on your investment. Milk stations are encased in rustproof and fully insulated stainless steel housing, supplied with a secure locking mechanism. Internal temperature is kept constant with the use of a temperature monitoring system and efficient cooling/warming mechanism. There is also an agitator which is automatically activated at time intervals. The Station range models do not have the capability to provide change, but deliver milk volumes according to credit inserted, although the flow of milk can be stopped and restarted at the press of a button – for example if a customer needs to change containers. To avoid disappointment an accurate flow meter is built into all milk stations.