The new ‘Box of stuff’ subscription

Low cost subscription

Subscribe to our bi monthly ‘Box of Stuff’ and every 2 months you receive a box of goodies to try out in your general vending machine to see what you think and see what your customers buy. Just £100 per box for as many as 12 different products, each product will include several items to fill your machine row.

Low commitment product trials

Sourcing products and purchasing unrealistic totals of items is not fun and not practical.Our Box of stuff means you get a handful of each, enough to give you an idea but without the hassle and leg work of finding and housing 1000 tea towels, for example.

Potential for big profits

Each item will be sourced and tested to ensure it vends well. However we also expect you to be able to profit from its content regardless of your opinion and despite there being only a handful of each item.

The BOX OF STUFF subscription

You pay a monthly fee, you get a box of items every other month to sell in your machine. Any you like, any your customers like, you come back and order.

The items will be tried and tested before sending to make sure they vend reliably from the machines. Suggested packaging techniques included.

There will be a mixture of perishable and non perishable items.
Where suitable items will be branded with your logo or designs. Simply give us access to your logo upon subscribing and we do the rest.

Before we get too carried away, we are currently testing items, printing and sourcing products in preparation for our first box. So We cant send out your first box straight away, however what you can do is tell us that you are interested in subscribing.

What else you got ….

This page is but a mere glimpse of what we do, there is more to discover about who we are and what we do best.

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