Milk Stations

We have eight different milk vending machines divided into three ranges (the Station range, Station Plus range and Executive range), as well as our latest model the Double Station. Each Milk Station operator will have different requirements depending on the overall volume of milk they need to be able to introduce into their machine at any one time, if the amount of milk should be held in one or more tanks inside the machine, and whether or not it is useful to be informed when milk levels are running low. For example if your Milk Station is in your farm shop or literally around the corner, where an eye can be kept on milk levels, the need for TXT message alert capability is not crucial. Also, if the machine is on or very near to the premises from where the milk originates, and the refilling process is quick, there is no merit in having more than one milk tanks which would otherwise maintain a supply of milk from the machine while other tanks are being filled. We have provided some ideas as guidance to the most appropriate use of each of our models, although your own circumstances may be different from these. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific criteria.

Our Milk Stations

Station range

Ranging from 100 to 400 litres in capacity, the Station range models are ideally suited for installation near to the source of milk while still enabling high volumes of milk to be sold.

Station PLUS range

Our Station Plus range models are advanced versions of the Station range machines and can be equipped with a variety of optional extras to enable you to maximise the efficiency of your time.

Executive range

While the models in our Station and Station Plus ranges provide a suitable solution for most operators, some will benefit from increasing the number of milk tanks that can be installed at any one time into their Milk Stations.

Double Station

A number of people have expressed interest in a milk vending machine which is able to dispense more than one type of milk, for example whole and semi-skimmed milk, without having to invest in two machines.

Milk tanks need to be thoroughly cleaned each time they are refilled in the same way as other milk storage equipment. The machine’s internal milk delivery system also needs to be cleansed when milk tank changeover occurs, a process which takes up to 10-15 minutes. This simply involves placing the milk suction tube into a bucket of water containing a cleaning agent, and by pressing a button to initiate a rinsing program. Once this has completed, 3 litres of plain water is then rinsed through in the same way, followed by briefly flushing the system with a little milk.
Other maintenance involves simply keeping your Milk Station in a generally clean condition both inside and outside, and replacing the internal silicon milk hoses about once a year. It is also advised that the coin recognition system is properly cleaned twice a year.


When Milk Stations are installed outdoors it is necessary to provide a degree of shelter, mainly from rain water. Depending on where you intend to install a machine protection from rain might already exist, otherwise we are happy to advise you of an appropriate solution based on inspection of a proposed installation site. Although a range of designs is available, in many circumstances tailor-made shelters will be required. We have teamed up with Karisztl Furniture who can design and supply shelters to your taste and requirements.

Additional services
We appreciate that many prospective operators interested in obtaining a Milk Station do not have the time and resources for example to find a suitable location for a machine or to liaise with their local authorities to enquire whether or not planning permission would be required. The Milk Station Company offers support and to help you get started by ascertaining necessary permissions needed and even in finding an appropriate spot in your area to set up your Milk Station, or any other requirements you might wish to discuss with us. We are also on hand to help with your machine’s installation and provide detailed instructions, dealing with any subsequent malfunctions or to replace any parts if necessary. Our ultimate aim is to enable you to get up and running with minimal hassle and interruption to your normal routine.

Milkshake Station

The Milk Station Company also offers an alternative product in the form of milkshake vending machines. Similarly to our milk vending machines, these appliances are also able to maintain their contents at a preset temperature and can alert you if milk levels are running low.