Our Milk Stations

We have a range of milk vending machines.

Each Milk Station operator will have different requirements depending on the overall volume of milk they need to be able to introduce into their machine at any one time, if the amount of milk should be held in one or more tanks inside the machine, and whether or not it is useful to be informed when milk levels are running low.

Broadly our machines can be divided into four ranges  – the Premium, the Premium Duo, the Premium 1300 and the Premium Bi-fluid.

Our machines are purpose built to order and the choice of which machine depends on a number of factors. The first consideration is the overall volume of milk that may be needed to satisfy demand. This determines the tank size and whether one large tank or two small tanks are most appropriate for your situation. Additionally if the machine is to be sited in a remote location without continuous monitoring, it may be that a texting facility would be useful to be informed when milk levels are running low. However if your Milk Station is near your house or in your farm shop literally around the corner where an eye can be kept on milk levels, the need for text message is not crucial.

We have provided some guidance to the most appropriate use of each of our models below, but always prefer to speak to you to discuss your specific needs before coming up with a recommendation.

The Premium Milk Station

The Premium Milk Station can have either a 100 litre or 200 litre tank and either have a simple button push operation or can be fitted with  coin mechanism and if required a note reader or card reader.

Dimensions: 740mm width x 1030mm depth x 2030mm high

Cost: From £5890

The Premium Duo

The Premium Duo is the same size as the standard machine but has two 50 litre tanks. It too can either be a simple button press or can have the full range of coins, notes and cards

Dimensions: 740mm width x 1030mm depth x 2030mm high

Cost: From £6370

The Premium 1300

The Premium 1300 has two tanks of either 100 or 200 litre capacity each. Alternatively it can be fitted with four 50 litre tank.

Dimensions: 1480mm width x 1030mm depth x 2030mm high

Cost: From £7500

The Premium Bi-Fluid

The Premium BiFluid can have two or four tanks like the standard double machine but is capable of dispensing two types of milk.

Dimensions: 1480mm width x 1030mm depth x 2030mm high

Cost: From £8290

Branding & Marketing

Template Stickers

We also offer a range of livery options for your new machine if required.

We can provide a whole range of livery solutions for your machine when it is delivered. We can supply anything from a basic and functional set of instruction stickers which simply aid the customer in purchasing milk, to full livery wrap for the machine to match your brand. Alternativly we can use one of our template designs and add your name/logo on the header panel or we can start from scratch and design a complete branding and marketing solution for your new venture – the choice is yours.

We can also provide bespoke stickers for the milk bottles and even bottle carriers. We can discuss the various options when we discuss your overall requirements.

Full bespoke livery


Milk tanks need to be thoroughly cleaned each time they are refilled in the same way as other milk storage equipment. The machine’s internal milk delivery system also needs to be cleansed when milk tank changeover occurs, a process which takes up to 10-15 minutes. This simply involves placing the milk suction tube into a bucket of water containing a cleaning agent, and by pressing a button to initiate a rinsing program. Once this has completed, 3 litres of plain water is then rinsed through in the same way, followed by briefly flushing the system with a little milk.
Other maintenance involves simply keeping your Milk Station in a generally clean condition both inside and outside, and replacing the internal silicon milk hoses about once a year. It is also advised that the coin recognition system is properly cleaned twice a year.


Other things to bear in mind....


When Milk Stations are installed outdoors it is necessary to provide a degree of shelter, mainly from rain water. Depending on where you intend to install a machine protection from rain might already exist, otherwise we are happy to advise you of an appropriate solution based on inspection of a proposed installation site. Although a range of designs is available, in many circumstances tailor-made shelters will be required. We have teamed up with Karisztl Furniture who can design and supply shelters to your taste and requirements.


The Milk Station Milk Bottle Carriers

We have branded hessian reusable bottle carriers for sale @ £25 for 10. Email  David @ The Milk Station for more information.